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There are lot of platforms available online to earn money. One of the best sources to earn extra cash is through survey sites. Invest your free time and efforts on these survey sites. The method to earn e-rewards from these sites is to complete the online survey and then the business committee takes decision and you get paid in vouchers, gift cards etc. This work does not even require a specific profession or qualification.

To increase your earning you can create accounts on multiple websites such as [ globaltestmarket], opinion outpost, e-rewards, mysurvey, Ipsos i say as these will give you enough surveys to attempt.  Today we are going to do the review of Ipsos i say survey site. Which is legitimate site for online earning.

About  Ipsos I-say –Ipsos is a French company, founded in the year 1975. Due to its frequent invites I-say is popular amongst various survey takers. This platform provides multiple options to earn more for a regular member. Once you complete a regular survey you might get an invite for product test, focus group etc. In order to earn more complete all the surveys regardless of the amount and stay active as it will increase your next offer payment.

The steps to follow

Sign-up process - In order to start with the survey you will need to sign in on the website. After you join, you will be one of the thousands of the panel members. After this you will get a chance to poll or fill surveys. This is like Opinion outpost.
Sweepstakes opportunity - After you fill the survey, you will get a pop up question to fill your prediction on how many people will answer positively to a particular question. There is high chance of winning for a more active person.
Payments - You will get a sweepstake entry, if your guess is close enough. They pay via point system and you can expect on an average to earn around 1$ for the survey. 1 point is corresponds to $0.10. You can redeem these points on paypal cash, gift cards, sweepstake entries and donations. In order to redeem vial paypal you will need minimum of 1530 points, 2000 points needed for visa prepaid card, 1000 points for Amazon gift card and 1500 for target gift card.
Duration - The paypal payments take approximately one-three weeks to get credited.
Eligibility - In order to be eligible for sign-up you should be from the 11 countries where they are active. You must be 18 years or above.
Loyalty program –The more surveys you complete the more points you will receive. Example 25 points after completing 5 surveys and 50 points after 10 surveys.
Referral program – Once you refer any interested friend or family member, you will earn 100 points. When there is any promotion scheme you can even earn more than 100 points. You earn the points the moment someone completes their profile. This is one of the easiest method of earning points.

Ipsos comes under largest market research companies. There is a little doubt that this company is legit as it has more than 30 years of reputation and thousands of members.